Friday, May 31, 2013

Garmin: Panduan Convert IMG file ke MapSource

INGATAN: Panduan ini untuk memperingati diriku tentang tatacara memasang(install) img fail ke  MapSource.

Perisian : MapSource or BaseCamp      
Map     : Thailand StreetMap 2013.10 NT (English Version)

1. Download file TH-gmapsupp.rar

2. extract the downloaded file to a folder on your hard disk

3. Run the GMapTool.exe

4. Hit "ADD FILES" and add the "gmapsupp.img" file (step 2)

5. Click on "SPLIT" at the top

6. Select the directory where you want to save it

7. Make sure that "CREATE" is set to "files for mapsource"

8. Make sure there is a tick in "compile map preview"

9. Mapset name is "Thailand or whatever"

10. Tick "set mapset FID"

11. FID is 2896 and PID is 1 ……. or (FID:2006)

12. Click on "split all".

13. Wait until it is done, should take a couple of minutes.

14. Close GmapTool.exe

15. Open the directory from step 6.

16. Locate install.bat and run it.

17. Tadaaaa …… That should be all you need to do to install maps into mapsource.

Indonesia GPS map – NavNet V240 NT : 21 April 2013

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